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  mobile CRM for Webmasters

As a webmaster, you are tasked with managing, maintaining and making recommendations to your clients.

Mobile CRM software can be the exact thing you need to offer your clients added value and results that they can track and measure.

 SMS Enable Your Website!

Coretalk’s mobile CRM software enables you to:

  • Coretalk’s mobile CRM software enables you to put keywords next to relevant products and services on your client’s website.
  • When a website visitor sees something they are interested in, they can send a text message with their query to the displayed number.
  • The Coretalk Mobile CRM software then sends an automated response to the website visitor, while simultaneously forwarding the query to the designated salesperson. It is that easy.
  • The website visitor gets connected to the perfect person to answer their questions within a few minutes, while the company gets to capture and track more leads. What could be more simple? 

Why do my clients need a mobile CRM solution from Coretalk?

  • Coretalk Mobile CRM makes use of the millions of mobile phones out there to increase conversions on your website.
  • Customers want INSTANT Gratification, waiting for an email or form to be responded to just doesn’t meet the high level of service expectancy anymore.
  • Customers want to speak to the RIGHT person off cuff, giving details and then waiting to be contacted back is a thing of the past.
  • Getting the customers MOBILE number gives your company a competitive edge in the sales process.
  • The system is EASY to implement.
  • The solution is affordable and offers a great return on investment enabling all business types whether large or small to enjoy higher conversions and increased sales.
  • The concept of Mobile CRM software is a FRESH approach and provides you with the flexibility to take your website to greater heights.
  • Add value: Not only will implementing this system show initiative on your part, but it allows you to add on-going value that can be measured and quantified. Your client will be receiving more relevant leads and they will be able to enhance their customers’ experiences. They will in turn think you rock. After all, this was all your idea in the first place.

Watch The Full Video & See How It’s Done!

Most people prefer text messaging to filling out long forms on the website and everyone has cell phones. When you decide to invest in a mobile CRM solution, you will be taking your client’s online marketing to the next level.

You will also be able to show statistics and make recommendations regarding the website. So, what are you waiting for? Add more value to the service you offer to your clients by contacting Coretalk to find out more about their mobile CRM software!

Coretalk Installation Manual
User manual – How to SMS enable your website

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