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  mobile CRM for Occupational Health, Safety and Environment

Consider the following:
Your company has invested heavily in ensuring that it’s on site staff and visitors are unharmed at work. As the safety manager it is your responsibility to make certain no unplanned incidents take place.
Are the traditional methods of HSE communication such as suggestion boxes, manual forms and notice boards streamlined to meet the demands of current business processes?
Systems may be in place to mitigate workplace risks, but if employees are not providing feedback to HSE managers, they become ineffective.
Taking action before an incident occurs is the key to elimination of injuries and damages.
With Coretalk as your safety solution, HSE issues are communicated efficiently and effectively through real time, instant correspondence.

Our mission is to help you achieve this with:
Mobile CRM for HSE.
A NOSA Endorsed Communication Solution: your safety connection

What is Coretalk Mobile CRM for the HSE Industry?
Coretalk is a software solution; it is installed on your PC and requires Microsoft Windows to operate.
The software is accompanied by a GSM modem, which connects into the USB port of your computer.
The GSM modem connects to the cellular network and is very similar to a normal mobile phone.
A GSM SIM card is inserted into the GSM modem.
The software is designed to enable your employees and site visitors to send you TEXT messages which you receive on your PC. They send the TEXT to the number of the GSM sim card, in exactly the same way as they would send an TEXT to your personal mobile phone.
Once the TEXT arrives in your Coretalk Software, you will have the ability to efficiently manage the TEXT communication in a professional manner and respond to employees using TEXT messages.
The software is far more than a receive, reply or send bulk TEXT solution.
It has been designed to:

  • Provide you with real time HSE information through in-bound and out-bound TEXT messaging
  • Getting the best out of your employees by incorporating TEXT promotion taglines into your HSE posters and awareness material. E.g. ( TEXT the word “HSE” to 079-383-5578 to see our companies HSE policy)
  • Schedule HSE meetings, medicals and training with automated TEXT notifications to the relevant staff
  • Promote your dedicated HSE TEXT number, ensuring employees save the number and use it for all HSE communication
  • Manage your employee database

Confused? Watch the movie and see how the process works
This movie shows you how Coretalk Mobile CRM for the Health, Safety and Environment industry enhances communication through increasing efficiency in hazardous reporting and HSE information, thus putting safety first.

In addition Coretalk Mobile CRM for HSE can:
Integrate with your existing HSE software.
Provide fully fledged mobile reporting solutions.
Allow remote bulk SMS functionality.

Why do you need this solution?

  1. Communication between staff and the HSE manager is vital, Coretalk solves this communication breakdown by introducing a bi-directional TEXT messaging solution into your business environment.
  2. Communication is an essential part of ensuring that workplace incidents are mitigated.
  3. Coretalk does not change your HSE processes, it enhances it.
  4. Coretalk enables HSE processes to be communicated in a convenient and efficient manner.
  5. HSE managers can instantly see communication history, which is essential in tracking incidents and finding the root cause.
  6. Traditional forms of HSE communication are slow and are treated as extra admin functions for employees. Coretalk takes traditional forms and speeds them up through TEXTING and real time communication.
  7. Coretalks integrated TEXT calendar function can be used to schedule HSE meetings and send out reminders to all staff, visitors and even specific employees or groups. This ensures that HSE awareness is increased and everyone knows what is going on…. all the time.
  8. It is the responsibility of all employers to ensure that their employees work in a safe and healthy environment. Communicating via TEXT can make a huge contribution to this as a large majority of the population has mobile phones.

 Here is a simple example of how Mobile CRM enhances your HSE communication processes

  1. Upload all your staffs details from your existing employee database, or create a new database by strategically placing TEXT taglines on HSE posters in the organisation.
  2. Send out a message to all staff to ensure that they save the number as a HSE hotline for HSE communication.
  3. People report a near miss by sending a TEXT or by filling in the near miss report on their mobile.
  4. The message comes through to Coretalk and the HSE manager is notified.
  5. Every time an inbound message comes into the managers Coretalk it notifies him in his outstanding items box and the message is forwarded to his phone if he is not at his PC.
  6. The manager can then reply using Coretalk to the employee and notify the relevant person in charge of that section or if the problem is important enough, it is filtered through to top line management automatically.
  7. The manager can make a note to follow up with the relevant staff member and set a reminder when he must do this by.
  8. A TEXT will automatically be sent to him when the reminder is due.
  9. Once satisfied that the issue has been dealt with, the manager needs to mark it as ‘resolved’ and it saves in his communication history.
  10. This communication history per employee or group is available to see exactly what was reported, what was done, by whom and at what time and date.
  11. 4 months down the line when investigating an incident the manager can view his communication with the relevant person to see exactly what preventative steps were taken.
  12. Through the calendar application with built in automated TEXT messaging the manager can schedule training, SHE reminders, medical renewal updates. This keeps his staff up to date and proactive in their health and safety environment, whilst making him really efficient.
  13. The key to this process is that employees save the HSE TEXT number and use it to communicate with management around HSE issues.

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