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  mobile CRM for Schools

Your school runs smoothly, with the focus remaining on the scholars. You have spent years acquiring the skills to educate, manage and direct the lives of young, impressionable minds. That is after all why parents bring their children to your institution.
You need to simplify the everyday admin and operational requirements of running a school and dealing with a demanding parent body. Finding an effective way to communicate with parents would make life more convenient for all parties concerned.
Using CORETALK, parents can text their messages to the school’s dedicated GSM number, and receive updates in the same manner. All correspondence is recorded in the database’s communication history. In terms of time management, it doesn’t get any better than this.

See How It’s Done! 

Our mission is to help you achieve this with:

Mobile CRM for Schools.
Bringing parents and teachers closer for the benefit of children.

Why You Need Coretalk Mobile CRM Solutions for Schools

  • Reduce Costs. Communicate directly with parents through text and bulk SMS removing the need for paper circulars and newsletters.
  • Decrease front office/admin time. Get parents to text the school and process messages quickly and conveniently.
  • No more endlessly ringing phones with parents calling about aftercare, absences, forgotten lunch……..
  • Maximise Parent Contact. Make contact with parents with updates and reminders. Messages go straight to the correct person.
  • Teacher Contact. Parents can text teachers with comments and observations. Teachers provide ongoing positive feedback to parents building stronger relationships.
  • Incident Management. Manage an incident, record complaints and get immediate feedback from parents.
  • Duty Rosters. SMS parents the assistance requirements for functions, tuck, groups and committees. A text back from parents and you drop their message into the CORETALK scheduler and confirm automatically.
  • Manage a Large Database. Easily uploaded parent database to the CORETALK software. Incoming texts display the parent’s details and record correspondence. Database is kept accurate and up to date.
  • Easily Manage Inbound Information. The system allows you to sort quickly through a large quantity of mails, dealing with them in order of importance.
  • Appointments. Schedule meetings with automated text notifications and the built in drop and drag appointment scheduler. Automatically reconfirm to prevent no shows.
  • Chase Debtors. Convenient Debtors spread sheet for texting parents
  • Support. Easy to use with great technical back-up and personalized online training.
  • Cost Effective. Pay a monthly fee for software and using your dedicated GSM number you are able to make use of one of the cheapest methods of communication around – SMS


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