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  360° M2M Solution

360o M2M Solution oversees your Lifecycle Management of your Wireless Connectivity Solution.

Today, Businesses are facing challenges of investing resources to integrate wireless Machine-to-Machine (M2M) connectivity into their product development or system integration. The biggest concern is the complex value chain which involves many vendors, ranging from communication device manufacturer to software developer. Many are unfamiliar to wireless M2M and find technology, regulatory compliance to logistically complicate to implement in wireless M2M. Investing the resources in the M2M integration can be a complex endeavor, resulting in defocusing on what the Business does best.

iWOW distinguishes by delivering ready, cost effective and high value 360o M2M solution to bridge this M2M complexity to simplicity. The Key Point is to make M2M application simple, easy, and scalable to you. By combing its devices and software, with expanded capabilities in professional services and supply chain management, iWOW assists you in identifying, developing and supporting a right strategic M2M plan for your specific M2M market needs and goals. We focus on enabling our customers’ solutions from end to end through a simple process call the 360o M2M Solution. It simplifies your wireless M2M integration, allowing you to focus your own core competencies