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  GSM/GPRS modem enabling vehicle tracking with Garmin PNDs


Gobal Stallite Engineering (GSE) develop their own GPS and mapping solution, Gsat Track to work with Garmin Portable Navigation Devices (PNDs) to provide the interactive navigation link that's been missing in the fleet management systems. Development will be fasten and made easy by having a flexible and customisable wireless communication device which can be readily plugged in and connected to a Garmin PND.


iWOW made fleet management easy with iTegno 3932 GSM/GPRS modem, providing a seamless connectivity from the existing Garmin PND to the monitoring center via a wireless mobile data network. The iTegno 3932 GSM/GPRS modem offers auto GRPS connection which allows immediate connectivity for the tracking service. Its user defined positioning settings allow GSE to configure and receive vehicle position information to its requirement. Customers can easily integrate the iTegno 3932 modem with existing Garmin PND to transfers data between Garmin PND and the monitoring centre. 



iTegno 3932 modem offers an instant wireless connectivity to Garmin’s Portable Navigation Devices (PND), transforming a PND to a tracking device.  Simply plug-in to iTegno modem to Garmin PND and you are ready to communicate. 


• Easy to use 
  Quick path to offer an in-vehicle communication environment with simple integration
• Transforming a PND to a tracking device 
  Plug-in to the device, configure and ready to track
• Enabling an effective fleet management 
  Offer benefits of real-time navigation & route planning, 2-way communications
Click here to find out more about iTegno 3932 GSM/GPRS Modem