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  About iWOW

iWOW specializes in wireless connectivity solutions with focus on the Machine-to-Machine (M2M) market. iWOW offers a complete end-to-end solutions, a tightly integrated package that combines all elements needed to monitor or control device. iWOW has been dedicated to the development and deployment of M2M solutions over a decade. Whether you are looking for a simple module in cellular or short range RF or a complex customised solution, we would like to be your perfect partner to offer wireless M2M solution for your product or application. 

iWOW M2M solutions in modules, modems and OEM platform focus on data centric wireless technology in Cellular and Short Range RF. Cellular network has matured over twenty years of development. It offers M2M applications with reliable data connections, unlimited mobility and worldwide coverage. Our line of cellular modules and modems are globally certified, pre-approved and eIPR coverage. 

iWOW looks beyond specific technology. Adding to our cellular portfolio is iWOW's Short Range RF product line. The radio technology is operating in an unlicensed ISM frequency band. Basing on IEEE 802.15.4 standard with either ZigBee or propriety protocol, our Short Range RF portfolio offers low cost, low data rate applications with restricted power supplies.

We continue to develop solutions with data centric technology to meet the ever-growing demands of M2M application. 

iWOW designs and markets extensive readily designed modular platforms, including scalable modules, custom OEM platforms, and ready-to-use modems and devices. In addition, iWOW also offer middleware and server application designed to simplify application development and deployment. This comprehensive product portfolio enables device manufacturers and OEMs to easily add secure and reliable wireless into M2M applications, and offer the flexibility to meet customers' development and commercial needs. 

iWOW is not just an engineering business, iWOW is a business that engineer's to your business. We take a step further to offer you our 360o M2M Services, all wrapped around our wireless products for your M2M applications.

With expanded capabilities on our 360o M2M Services in design consultancy, professional services and supply chain management via a single point of contact, iWOW also helps you to identify and develop design for specific M2M application. It simplifies your wireless M2M integration, allowing you to focus your own core competencies.

With iWOW as your technology partner in enabling wireless M2M, you can easily engage wireless connectivity to deliver a complete M2M solution for your global clients, while enhancing profitability and creating opportunities for growth. The key point is Simplicity.