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iWOW Showcased PandoGrid Metering Solution at PUB’s Inagural Water Event
24 September, 2013

iWOW Connections showcased its PandoGrid Metering Solution at the PUB Inaugural Water Efficient Building (SILVER) and (GOLD) Certifications cum Seminar. Also gracing the event was Second Minister of Environment and Water Resources, Miss Grace Fu. In her opening address, she emphasised the importance of managing Singapore’s water demands in addition to adding new water sources. It is this efficiency that the award is celebrating, by recognising buildings and organizations that have been able to efficiently manage their water usage.

As a technology provider partnering PUB, iWOW Connections offers PandoGrid Metering Solution to the Commercial & Industry (C&I) customers of PUB. Designed to simplify water and energy management, PandoGrid Metering Solution provides visibility of meter reads, enabling better cost control and efficiency management.

PandoGrid Metering Solution aims to be truly simple and deployable almost anywhere with the least amount of hassle. The solution utilizes proven iTegno communications devices connected to AMR ready water/electric meters, providing high degree reliability to the backend server. Customers can easily access meter reads, remote monitor and audit consumption more frequently and reliably on PandoGrid cloud-based application via web browser. To kick start the water efficiency initiative and get help to be certified under PUB’s Gold/Silver WEB Certification, C&I companies can enjoy up to 90% of PUB’s co-funding to procure and installation of water meters and remote metering system (T&C apply).   Please visit PUB Water Efficiency Fund for more details.

From left, Miss Grace Fu(Second Minister of Environment and Water Resources),  Mr Lee Yao Chiang (iWOW Sales president), Mr Chew Men Leong(PUB Chief Executive)


Lee Yao Chiang, iWOW’s Sales President said: “Water monitoring is the first step to water efficiency and we are honoured to be partnering PUB in providing the PandoGrid Metering Solution to award winners who manage via a remote monitoring system.”


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