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  iTegno Smart Utilities Solution – AMR/AMI Communications

iTegno Smart Utilities solution, developed by iWOW Connections, provides an end-to-end smart metering platform with robust and reliable wireless connectivity for utilities to collect and manage data.

iTegno Smart Utilities offers clean modular design, enables maximum flexibility in choosing the technology path to form the Automated Meter Reading(AMR)/ Advanced Metering Infrastructure(AMI) communication architecture for smart utility. Utilities can chose from Local Area Network (LAN) options like RF mesh, RF point-to-point technology or WAN options to enable smart metering depending on rural or urban environment. It provides seamless and reliable wireless communication connectivity between utilities and consumers.

The solution allows utilities to implement remotely meter reads over readily available and reliable cellular and Local Area Network (point-to-point/mesh) and communicate data to their billing systems. The wireless communication network offers two-way communications for autonomous meters from leading manufacturers. The solution enables practically continuous access to the data and alert in case of irregular operational condition like tampering. The iTegno Smart Utilities solution helps reduce field trips required to collect data and provides utility users with better control of the consumption through its management system. 

Key Attributes

  • Open standard and interoperability to ensure diversity of solutions and cost efficiency
  • Flexibility to support multi-utilities such as electricity, water and gas
  • High performance network optimised for real time applications
  • Scalable architecture to enable utilities providers to deploy from POC to nationwide deployment
  • Ubiquitous engineering to meet the various terrains and challenging environmental conditions using multiple communications technologies
  • Cost effective in bringing value to end-users and deferring capital investment for utilities provider