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  iTegno AMR/AMI Control & Management Centre

The Control and Management Centre provides two-way communications, receives and manages data connected from the Automated Meter Reading (AMR)/ Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) communications networks via WAN and LAN. It manages the meter information and events with rich, customizable reporting features.

The end-to-end secure smart utilities solutions that integrate smart enabled facilities to autonomous meters to a backend application for utilities operators to monitor meter reads. Customisable dashboards that allow customers to graphically display valuable information depending on their customer base and management needs. An IP based web portal is developed to allow utilities operators and users to access and monitor information anywhere, anytime. The web portal is designed to provide the customer with accessibility through a simple but secured password login. The system is also designed to allow different types of information to be accessed by different types of users; this distention can be based on many factors including their job function in the company. On the homepage of the application, the privilege user is immediately presented with an overview of the entire system, with daily alerts and the general health of the entire system offered to the user in both graphical and numerical formats.