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  iTegno AMR/AMI Sensor Interface Unit

iTegno Sensor Interface Unit (SIU) is part of the Automated Meter Reading (AMR)/ Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) communications for iTegno end-to-end smart metering platform.

The battery operated iTegno SIU provides a direct connections to various AMR/AMI ready meters equiped with a sensor. iTegno SIU collects pulses from the water or gas meters, stores the acculmulated pulse and transmit data reads at a programmable interface. It can interface with up to 4 meters to deliver time stamped reads, alerts and irregular operational data like tampering, and system mulfunction. 

It works together with a data concentrator unit to offer a two-way communication link via the fixed area network, mesh network to the central control. iTegno SIU-enabled meters make networking simple and easy to deploy.


  • Secure, reliable, licence-free radio communication
  • Proven resilient network for two-way wireless communications
  • Compatible with a wide range of meters from leading meter manufacturers
  • Long range and resistance to obstacles for use in hard-to-reach places
  • Ultra low power design with power management of up to 10 years battery life
  • IP rated enclosure, rugedized to suit harsh and challenging field conditions