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  mobile CRM for Boutiques

Where other text solutions end, Coretalk begins…

Your boutique is an expression of your flair for style. It has taken you years to build up the right supplier base, source quality product and to understand the needs of your loyal customer base – that is why they return time after time.

As with any small business, cash flow is key. Sitting with stock while waiting for it to sell can be a nail-biting experience. The answer is to ensure that as soon as new product is opened in store you already have people queuing for it. Create the demand through your on-going customer communication with Coretalk Mobile CRM for Boutiques.

Coretalk lets you manage a large customer database, easily and efficiently. Advise customers via SMS of new stock, specials and sales – and let them reply instantly with their orders and requests. Manage inbound SMS easily through the desktop software, keeping records of all correspondence.

Use taglines in your advertising so customers text you for specials. Automatically respond with discounts, so they bring the SMS in store for the discount – you increase your database, and foot traffic all at once. Get opinions on new ranges and stock preferences, via SMS and easily created survey forms – ensuring you know exactly what your customers require, before your competitors do.
Easy to use with additional features to enhance your business, the Coretalk software gives you the professional sheen your business so richly deserves.

Our mission is to help you achieve this with:
Mobile CRM For Boutiques.
Adding a touch more glamour to your operation.


  • Professional Spam-free Communication – Remain in contact with your customers on an on-going basis. Send updates, specials and notifications directly to your contacts database, using one of the most cost-effective forms of communication – SMS.
  • Interactive Correspondence & Communication History – The two-way interactive nature of Coretalk means your customers can SMS you on your dedicated GSM number any time. Texts are received into the desktop software, where you can sort through inbound correspondence viewing the communication history and customer details while handling the message.
  • Mobile Reporting & Stock Take – Use the Mobile Reporting Tool and have staff complete stock take using their cells and SMS results back to your Coretalk software for capture.
  • Manage Suppliers – Place orders, track stock, report complaints all via SMS.
  • Debtors – Chase up debtors with gentle reminders and follow ups.
  • Marketing – Use tagline advertising to increase your targeted promotions. Automate responses for maximum results.
  • Support – Easy to use with great technical back-up and personalized online training.
  • Cost – Effective – Pay a monthly fee for software and using your dedicated GSM number you are able to make use of one of the cheapest methods of communication around: SMS