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A Development Starter Kit(DSK) is available for development purposes.

GPRS refers to General Packet Radio Service. GPRS is charged based on the amount of data transferred rather than by airtime. This service is ideal for mobile professionals with a need to maintain an “always-on” Internet connection without incurring hefty GSM airtime charges. For example, once your emails have been downloaded or sent, there are no further charges—even if you are still connected to the Internet - as no data is being transferred. 

AT commands, also called Hayes AT commands, are based on the Hayes Modem de facto standard, ATTENTION Commands for modems. They are used to communicate with module or modem. These commands modify module or modem's behaviour or instruct the modem to do something specific, such as dialling a telephone number. The "AT" refers to getting the ATtention of your modem.

The time it takes to execute an AT Command may vary, you should receive a response within 60 seconds.

By default,  the network will keep a PDP Context open for  1-4 hours, typically, without data transfer, unless  operator stipulates otherwise.

Gateway GPRS Support Node (GGSN) generates the IP address and passes it to the module along with QOS parameters to the module if dynamic IP addressing is used.

In GPRS, a customer pays to the service provider not for the number of hours the subscriber is attached to the GPRS network, but for the amount of data transferred. Since it is difficult to calculate the amount of data packets transferred, different network operators actually implement different charging techniques. For example, some network operators charge fixed monthly/yearly amount for the usage of network service.
There is no AT command that will display the billing amount for a GPRS connection.

There is no way to determine the loss of GPRS coverage. You must instead verify coverage via GSM registration (AT+CREG?).  This means that if you check GPRS (AT+CGATT?) it may show connected (0,5) even though it is not.   This specifies loss of coverage only for GSM not GPRS.
When a device is in a no coverage area, you will see “AT+CREG?” return “+CREG: 0,2” or “+CREG: 0,3” for GSM registration; meaning the device is searching or has been rejected on the current network or has limited service, respectively."