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      SMS Solutions, SMS software, SMS Gateway

    iTegno has gained a reputable brand for simple, user-friendly and affordable SMS solution in the SMS arena. It offers a wide range of SMS features to cater for simple sms by SME or demanding enterprise needs.

    iTegno SMS solution is an intuitive and simple SMS software for contacts and SMS management. The iTegno SMS software offer users ease of importing their contact databases from excel with powerful contacts management and SMS broadcasting abilities. For featured rich and demanding requirement, Coretalk’s innovative CRM-SMS Solution gives anyone in any industry a fast, effective and easy way to communicate with their prospects, clients and staff, all for the cost of an SMS or Text. It is a unique tool to streamline your communication. Refer to below for the respective key features.



    Key Features


    Manages your incoming and outgoing SMSes                                                        yes                     yes

    Imports contacts from your existing lists                                                                   yes                     yes           

    Gives you bulk SMS capabilities                                                                                 yes                     yes

    Provides templates for personalised bulk SMSes                                                                              yes

    Schedules and manages your appointments                                                                                      yes

    Empowers your promotion campaigns with SMS keywords.                                                            yes

    Provides a simple method of creating customised mobile reporting forms                                  yes

    Lets you Automate SMS greetings for birthday ,holidays, etc…                                                         yes

    Enables you to plan your SMSes with our SMS schedule function                                                  yes

    Always sends SMSes at the right time with our time restriction manager                                     yes

    Enables you to compile, manage and export your communication history                                   yes

    Adds SMS as a function to any existing database                                                                              yes


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