iWOW Group is committed to the highest standards of corporate governance. We expect integrity not just from our employees, but also from our partners, suppliers and contractors that we work with.

Having a whistleblowing framework in place allows employees and stakeholders of the Group to raise any concerns on improprieties, wrongdoing, malpractice or fraud within the Group in a responsible and effective manner.

Our Commitment

iWOW Group firmly commits to protect whistleblowers from retaliatory actions and detrimental or unfair treatment for reports made in good faith and without malice.

All information received will be treated as confidential and while we strongly encourage the whistleblower to identify himself/herself to facilitate the provision of more information for investigation if required, whistleblowers may choose to remain anonymous when making a report.

The Audit Committee receive whistleblowing reports directly and information from the report will only be disclosed to persons on a “need to” basis in order to properly carry out the required review and/or investigation.

Should the whistleblower voluntarily discloses his/her identity, or where the identity is apparent from the information provided, we commit to do our utmost to safeguard the identity of the whistleblower, and will notify the whistleblower prior, should we be required to disclose the identity as required by law.


iWOW Group takes whistleblowing seriously and all reports will be reviewed and where required, investigated. Concerns raised should be based on facts and not hearsay, speculation or rumour.

Reports should provide as much information and detail as possible, to facilitate the review and/or investigation process and should include the following (but not limited to) where applicable:

a) identity and other information to assist in the identification of all parties involved;
b) details of witnesses;
c) details of the alleged improprieties, wrongdoing, malpractice or fraud;
d) date, time, location and frequency of the incident(s);
e) evidence;
f) any other information that is deemed to be relevant or able to assist in the review and/or investigation.

Reports should be submitted via the following email : whistleblow@iwow.com.sg

For details of iWOW Group’s whistleblowing policy, please contact us via the following email : investor_relations@iwow.com.sg

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