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iWOW is a leading provider of IoT solutions, from smart metering solutions for electricity, water and gas to movement tracking and environmental monitoring.

Benefits of IoT Solutions

Make use of wireless communications across a large number of devices to reap these benefits for your organisation

Our wireless solutions are easy to install and eliminates the need for costly cabling.

Our automated solutions reduces the reliance on manpower and frees your team to do more value-adding work.

Our innovative hardware and software unlocks performance that was not possible based on manual processes.

Our IoT Solutions

Why Choose iWOW?

iWOW provides state-of-the-art IoT solutions for utilities and grid managers, governments and C&I clients all over the world.


Best-in-class total system security from sensor to application server


We adopt open standard protocols that are capable of connecting millions of devices


Our technology has been deployed by Governments and Fortune 500 companies

LoRaWAN Trial in Indonesia

LoRa Gateway: iWOW iTEGNO LoRa Gateway
Location: Teklomsel’s Bintaro Jaya Site ID TNG 511
Deployment Height: 42 m

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