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Efficient contact tracing during
Covid-19 pandemic
Reduce manpower deployed in tracing individuals with TraceTogether - a wearable tracing device

Efficient contact tracing during Covid-19 pandemic

Designed for those who prefer not to use a mobile app, the TraceTogether Token was commissioned by the Singapore government to monitor the spread of Covid-19 among the community.

The data allows employers to quickly isolate workers who has contact with a known COVID-19 co-worker avoiding any protracted shutdown of entire operations. It also allows organizations like schools and businesses to provide accurate and timely contact tracing information to the Government.

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New COVID-19 TraceTogether tokens to be manufactured and designed by two bidders: GovTech


SINGAPORE: The tender to design and manufacture subsequent batches of TraceTogether tokens has been awarded to two bidders, the Government Technology Agency (GovTech) said on Friday (Aug 21).

The first bidder is a consortium comprising electronics distributor Siix Singapore and wireless connectivity solutions firm iWOW, and the second bidder is PCI, an electronics manufacturer which won the tender for the first batch of TraceTogether tokens.

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A man holds up a TraceTogether token.
(Photo: Silver Generation Office)

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