Smart Water Metering

A smarter and more efficient way to track water consumption iWOW is the market leader that provides a robust and proven end-to-end solution for smart water metering that is used by more than 100 major companies in Singapore.

A Market Leader in Smart Water Metering

iWOW provides state-of-the-art smart metering solution for both utilities as well as building owners.

iWOW offers a comprehensive solution that uses cellular and LoraWAN connectivity. They are battery-powered to last 3-5 years (for cellular) and 7-15 years (for LoraWAN) Our modems support both pulse and modbus interfaces.

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Benefits of Our Smart Water Metering Solution

Pay only the monthly subscription cost of solution. There is no need to invest in network infrastructure with IP connectivity to every meter point over a reliable cellular network

iTegno communication modems are able to read all meters, which provides an open standard to maximise your cost efficiency

Meets challenges of the various terrains and environmental conditions using multiple communications technologies

Reduce Water Loss in Country Club

Our Smart Water Metering solution was deployed at a country club in Singapore to reduce water losses in the swimming pool, the irrigation system and plumbing fixtures.

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