Smart Energy Metering

Manage energy supply and demand real-time with Smart Energy Metering Real-time reporting of energy consumption leads to a reduction in energy waste.

A Leading Provider in Smart Energy Metering

Since the liberalisation of the retail electricity market by the Energy Market Authority (EMA) in Singapore, iWOW has collaborated with major energy retailers such as Sembcorp, Keppel Electric and Senoko to deploy an efficient and cost effective Smart Energy Metering Solution for Commercial & Industrial (C&I) consumers.

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iWOW offers a comprehensive solution that uses cellular and LoraWAN connectivity. Our modems are meter agnostic, which allows clients to avoid having to replace their existing smart meters, where possible.

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Benefits of Our Smart Energy Metering Solution

Increase billing accuracy and reduce the need for rereads

Feature an industrial power supply with an IP rated mechanical design that secures the iTegno modem

Meets challenges of the various terrains and environmental conditions using multiple communications technologies

Capital investments in secured against communication network migration for current CSD to GPRS without change of equipment

Our clients are assured that the system runs smoothly during the contracted period

No requirement for field inspector to enter into your premise and no requirement to send staff to unlock gates

Smart Utilities Management System (UMS) for HDB

We deployed LoraWAN Smart Metering solution for a township from the Housing Development Board (HDB) that emcomposses 1,500 households in Singapore.

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