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Sometimes, they come as leaking pipes and taps. But, more often than not, they are a result of misinformed decisions, albeit well-intended. Take ecological skyscrapers for example – while they are beautiful to behold, they are impossible to maintain because plants that are hung outside the building are hard to access. Over time, leaks in the irrigation system that are not repaired in time tend to cause plants at the end of the line to wither. Many gardeners have resorted to increasing the water pressure as a corrective action, which exacerbates the existing leaks and results in greater wastage of water.

With smart metering, it is now possible to measure the consumption habits of households and businesses more accurately and in real-time. Most importantly, it allows us to capture water and energy consumption data in a highly granular level of detail that provides organisations access to the right information at the right time. In the hands of the right people, these data saves money for businesses while conserving precious resources for the planet.

Our advice for any business committed to eco-efficiency is to make smart metering a first step in their sustainability journey. The eco-journey is not a one-off excursion and will take many years to bear fruits. As such, it is crucial that we have a robust mechanism to measure and track our progress as our businesses transform to meet the evolving challenges of a warming world.

As a leading provider of IoT solutions, we have already witnessed a transformation in our business. While our smart metering solutions used to be one-time deployments, it has now evolved into a “Pay-As-You-Use” service, in line with the circular economic model today.

“When the purchasing model is closed up into a loop and service becomes the focus, it incentivises vendors like us to design more efficient products and solutions, recycle equipment, reduce wastage to maximise our returns. This discourages the “Purchase-and-Throw” behaviour and encourages positive Climate Action in reducing wastage.” – Raymond Bo, Managing Director, iWOW Pte Ltd

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